Our Mission

If you're a family faced with cancer, you don't want to waste precious time and energy with day-to-day chores. We take care of those necessary but not important tasks and give back that time to cancer patients and their families to focus on the fight, each other, and quality of life.

Focus on the Fight gives back time to focus on what matter most...

Focus on the Fight has partnered with local businesses to provide high quality, trusted, and reliable services at NO COST to families battling cancer. Our services include:

Home Services

Landscape Maintenance
Handyman Services
General Housekeeping
Snow Removal

Auto Services

Rides to Treatment
Rides to the Doctor
Car Washes
Grocery Shopping

Other Services

Pet Walking
Appointment Planning
Exercise Partner
Superhero Program for Kids

"You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live."

-Stuart Scott

Better than what we do is who we serve...

Meet Jerry

Jerry is a single father raising two happy, curious, and energetic little girls. They are 6 and 9 years old. Jerry loves his family and prides himself on being able to provide for his two little angels. Last month Jerry went to the doctor to check out a nagging pain when he swallowed that he'd been dealing with all year. He was ultimately diagnosed with advanced throat cancer. Jerry loves pushing his little girls on the swingset and chasing them around the backyard. On Sundays Jerry used to spend all morning doing the yard work, cutting the grass, edging, and trimming the bushes. Now he spends his Sunday mornings giving underdogs and playing hide-and-seek.

Focus on the Fight's 'Disregard the Yard' Program makes sure Jerry's yard is kept to keep the backyard father-daughter playdates coming. No bills, no invoices, Focus on the Fight takes care of everything.

Meet Ellen

Ellen is 62 and lives alone after getting divorced from a marriage of nearly 30 years. Her two adult children and their families live out west and she talks to her grandchildren every other day on FaceTime. During her annual mammogram, her gynecologist noticed a few abnormal masses and sadly Ellen was diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer. Ellen is starting her second round of chemotherapy treatments and the thought of getting behind the wheel after the exhaustion she knows all too well that follows a session really worries her. Now, she gets a ride to and from treatment. On the way there she can FaceTime the grandkids and afterwards she can rest easy knowing she will soon be home safely.

Focus on the Fight's Ride Programs arrange for transportation for all of Ellen's chemotherapy treatments. No bills, no invoices, Focus on the Fight takes care of everything.

Meet Karl

Karl served 25 years in the armed services and is now retired. After his wife passed he now lives alone in their family home. His daughter, Sherrie, is a busy working mom of three teenage boys. Sherrie's husband is in equipment sales and travels frequently for work. Karl and Sherrie are extremely close. A year ago Karl was diagnosed with, and is still battling, prostate cancer. To help out Sherrie tries to come and cleans Karl's home every two weeks. Karl just wants to be able to sit and talk to his daughter, ask about the grandkids, maybe go to a movie, or play a few games of Yahtzee that he loves so much. But between soccer practice, band, PTA, and tomorrow's client meeting Sherrie struggles to get meaningful time with her father let alone time to keep his entire home really clean. Now Karl and his daughter spend every Sunday afternoon together, in the moment, truly enjoying each other's company.

Focus on the Fight's Cleaning Service Programs arrange for high quality, trusted, local housekeepers to clean Karl's home. No bills, no invoices, Focus on the Fight takes care of everything.

Contact / Volunteer

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